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Unlock Huawei Modem

Unlock Huawei Modem

Frp Unlocker is providing you the code to Unlock Huawei Modem for free.

This software basically carries a calculator which generate the code of your modem through which your modem can be use with any sim card. Such Modem can be useful if you are out of your area as prescribed by you ISP.

This Software allows you to unlock any device of Huawei model.

All you need to do is to put your sim card into your huawei dongle and hit unlock button and within 15 seconds you modem will get unlock, Boom, you are done.

Please follow the instructions to get your modem unlock;

Huawei modem unlock by bojs 257x300 - Unlock Huawei Modem

  • Insert the sim card of other network. the software will ask you for network restriction code. This software will generate it automatically. The code will be Simply insert a SIM cart from another network. Mobile broadband modem software will ask you the network restriction code.
  • Now, the decoding process will be started, and to our point of view it is the safest way to unlock a modem. you will get the unlock code as soon as you put your Imei number of your modem.
  • Now, configure your modem with an establish internet connection.
  • Select connect and than a pop up will appear than you have to writeAPN: net or internet and to access number: *99#. and than click on save changes.

What to do next?

  • In case your PC don’t have Win 7 or 10.
  • Download our Modem Communicator Application.
  • Turn off your computer or laptop, take out all other modems, printers along with devices plugged into your computer with the exception of your monitor, keypad and mouse.
  • Reset your pc, connect your USB modem and open the application you downloaded (wmc.exe).
  • Click on the Search for Ports button and wait for the result.
  • Click on the Check for Modems button and wait for a response.
  • Click on the Send AT Command button and ensure you receive the response “OK”.
  • In the text-box next to the Send User Command button, type the following command line (replace the word UnlockCode with the unlock you get on phase I):
  • .Click on the Send User Command button.
  • Your modem should now be unlocked. Close the application (Modem Communicator), detach your modem and connect it again.


Boom, You are Done !

Download Unlock Huawei Modem Software from here

download 1 300x119 - Unlock Huawei Modem

To get more benefits stay tunned with Frp Unlocker

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