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Bypass Google Account From LG Android Phones


Bypass Google Account From LG Android Phones

Frpunlocker is trying its best to serve its viewers as best as its can. We are trying to provide you the latest method which helps you to unlock your phone for free by sitting at your home. Today, we are sharing a method through which you can unlock your LG Android Phones through bypassing google account.

Please Follow the steps;

 Step One – Bypass Google Account From LG Android Phones 

  • Tap “Accessibility”
  • Select “YES” inside Accessibility tap over “Vision”.
  • Select first option “Talk Back” then scroll down and select the last option “Test-to-speech output”.
  • In this section, Tap on “Settings Gear Icon” and then select “Settings for Google Text-to-speech Engine”.
  • Select “Feedback” and from this screen Push over “Terms of Service” hyperlink.


 Step Two – Bypass Google Account From LG Android Phones  

Bypass Google Account From LG Android Phones

  • After that “Chrome Browser” will pop-up select “Accept and continue” and “No Thanks”.
  • Hit over “URL BAR” and on the search bar type “Anything” and search.
  • Here push long on any text to select on the screen until you see “COPY SHARE :” options. Tap on the “:” three points and then select “ASSIST” after that Google window will appear hit over “No Thanks”.
  • Now type “Settings” on the search bar and select “Settings Option”.



 Step Three -Bypass Google Account From LG Android Phones  
  • Fortunately, now you have access to the Settings of your LG K4, K7, LG K8 or K10 phone. Scroll down and go to “Apps”. Hit over the “:” three points from the top right hand side corner of the screen and select “Show System”.
  • From this section, Scroll down and go to “Setup Wizard” (With Android Icon) and tap on “Force STOP”.
  • Inside Setup Wizard Tap over “Storage” and hit over “Clear Cache” and then hit < back button twice to go back to the Apps Section.
  • Once you in the Apps Section again, Scroll UP and select “Google Play Services” option and hit over Force Stop > OK and also tap on “Disable”.
 Final Step- Bypass Google Account From LG Android Phones  
  • Hit on Back button twice to go back to the Apps again, and then just press “Power Button” and Restart your LG Phone.
  • Once your phone restarts, Select the Home Language > (If you’re connected with WiFi-Network) Push it long and select Forget it.
  • You can now complete the other initial setup and after getting into your phone. Don’t forget to “Soft Reset” it after unlocking the FRP lock.

Soft Reset LG K4, K7, K8 and K10 after Bypass Google Account

It’s important to Soft Reset or (Factory Reset) device after removing the Factory Reset Protection, don’t worry it won’t get locked again with FRP.

1. Go to Settings than Select General than Scroll down and select Backup & Reset

2. Scroll down and tap over Factory Data Reset and Reset Phone than Reset Phone than Delete All.

Now just after your phone restart, Complete the initial setup and there will be no FRP Lock or Google Account Verifying page anymore.

Boom You are Done !

Congrats Your phone is unlocked !

This method also works with Android Security Patch Level 01.01.2017

  • LG K3, K5, K8 (2017)
  • LG G5
  • LG Stylo 2 LS775 (Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile); Criket
  • LG X screen, cam, power, style, match, max, skin
  • LG X5
  • LG G PAD 3, X
  • LG Stylus 2, Plus K535D (India), K535N (HK, Taiwan), LG Stylo 2 Plus MS550 (Metro PCS); LG Stylo 2 Plus K550 (T-Mobile), K530F (South America)
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