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BLU Phone Free Unlocking

BLU Phone Free Unlocking

Blu phone Free Unlocking:

You are about to learn the method of unlocking your Blu Phone with any series with its IMEI number. It can be done even if it is coded and blocked from any network in the world. The same procedure will apply to all phones of Blu.

Unlock BLU Phone Of Any Model For Free

Each phone has its own unlock code, and it is generated by a unique series of Imei number. To find your Imei serial no. just dial *#06# on the phone keyboard. Now enter the 15 digits without any space or other characters.

You can also get your Imei on the sticker on the battery of your phone. However, we suggest you to use the prior way.

Unlock BLU Phone 300x192 - BLU Phone Free UnlockingBLU devices compatible series:

Advance Series
Dash Series
Energy Series
Grand Series
Life Series
Neo Series
Pure Series
Studio Series
Tank Series
Touchbook Series
Vivo Series
Feature Phones

How To Unlock BLU Phone Instructions

Operation : BLU Phone
Mode : Direct Unlock


  • Usb data cable
  • One application from- can be downloaded below

1. Remove battery. Insert battery back;
2. Press and hold ‘VolumeUp’ and ‘VolumeDown’ keys;
3. Insert cable;
4. Install the software on your device;
==== Wait for phone… to get On.
5. Now open the Blu tool generator and fill all the information.

Unlocking codes are assigned with each BLU phone on manufacturing time therefore every code is specific per IMEI. Please make sure that on the unlocking soft you use the IMEI from your BLU phone – not from its box .

6. Click “Unlock Now”;
7. The phone will be unlocked in the carrier servers; when our service is complete all you have to do will be to open the official BLU Unlock app already installed on the phone and tap Permanently Unlock;
8. In a few hours after those operation we’ll supply you with a SMS or an email with the 8 digit code, you’ll insert it in to the telephone and your blu phone shall be forever unlocked.

Boom, You ‘re done !
You phone is Unlock !
You can Download BLU Phone Free Unlocking Here:

download 300x119 - BLU Phone Free Unlocking

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